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Week of June 10, 2024

 #1)  Mushroom Swiss Hot Roast Beef

   Our thin fresh sliced Roast Beef, piled high, with sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese, all toasted crispy and melty, with a side cup of aujus,  ... $9.75  (add a small bev for a $1)


#2) Chopped Sharp Italian

 Our popular Italian meats and sharp provolone rolled and chopped extra fine over a fresh Garden Salad .. includes a  choice side dressing and breadstick ... $9.50  


#3) The BBQ Double Swine 

   More Pork Please, … our burger with grilled Pepperoni, Bacon and melted American cheese, shredded lettuce and BBQ sauce... includes fry/tot and can/fountain Beverage … $8.00 


#4) Any Mini Hoagie, Chips and Small Bev

Pick any mini hoagie, made your way, includes chip and small drink... $8.75 

#5) 6 Boneless Wing, Fries, & Bev  Meal Box

    6 Boneless Wings, choice sauce, order of fries, with BC/Ranch dip cup ... and  small beverage ... $9.25  

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