Week of Nov 28, 2022

#1) Ranchero Grilled Chicken

   Sliced grilled chicken breast, bacon, ranch  and melted cooper sharp American cheese with shredded Lettuce  ..on a 12" roll with small beverage... $9.75


#2) Tuna Antipasto Salad

  1 Scoops tuna and rolled/slice Italian meats over a fresh garden.., . side choice dressing and a breadstick ... $9.50


#3) Inferno Burger

 . Burger, melted American, Fried Onions, Chopped Whole Peppers and a touch of our Enfuego Wing sauce,  includes Fries/tots, can/fountain Beverage ... $9.25


#4) Mini Chicken Salad Hoagie

  Mini Chicken Salad Hoagie, made your way, with chip and small drink... $8.75

#5) Fingers and Fries Platter

Fingers and Fries with BBQ/Honey Mustard dip & beverage ... $9.25