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About the Steak and Hoagie Factory!

The very first Steak and Hoagie Factory was established in Warminster, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1990. It was developed from the notion that we could create a crispy-crusted, French-style roll that would hold our sandwiches high above the competition in the market where bread really matters. It worked! Our rolls are baked continuously on the premises and have been accepted - and raved about - by the Steak and Hoagie Factory fans throughout the Delaware Valley (and we all know how tough those guys are!).


Steak and Hoagie Factory is a private business, which means it is owned and managed by one individual, Michael Mayberry. He has carefully picked all the locations of our stores, and continues to look for more opportunities in the surrounding area. With the help of our devoted staff, Michael developed an appealing menu, perfected the recipes, and searched for suppliers of the highest quality food. With the enthusiasm and loyalty of all our employees, we have continuously grown over the years. Presently, we have four locations in Bucks County and Montgomery County.


Our business is considered to be a Quick Service Restaurant. We offer quality food that is prepared and served in a small amount of time for the convenience of our customers. Unlike a fast food chain, our menu items are made to order, and will not be seen wasting away under a heat lamp before the customer orders. Although, as a Quick Service Restaurant, we quickly prepare the food for immediate departure, we pride ourselves on accuracy and good customer service so the customer will come back again and again!

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